700 W. Lantana Road  
      Lantana, FL 33462  

Class Descriptions

BODY SCULPT  Group strength training at its best. This is a great way to shake up your weight training routine . Tone your muscles from head to toe in this great strength & energy building class.


BOOTCAMP  Military-style exercises incorporating various drills and constant movement for a full body workout.   

CARDIO MIX  High energy, low impact moves combined with body weight exercises designed to strengthen muscles and burn calories.   

  Core, toning, and balance using stability balls, and resistance training.  

  A total body workout incorporating elements of balance, core, strength and cardio . This class covers it all! 

M.E.T.  A full body workout designed to spike your body's metabolic rate.  Rounds of exercises using various tempo, weights, balance and cardio blast techniques.  Less exercise, more results! Work at your own level. 

PUMP IT UP  Pump up your heart and your other muscles too!  This class will improve
strength and endurance. 

SILVER SNEAKERS  Group strength training with a senior’s needs in mind. This class incorporates functional training to help with everyday movements with a focus on cardiovascular wellness and improving balance and strength.  

STRETCH   An hour of nothing but stretching! You’ll stretch parts of your body you never knew existed. 

TABATA  Eight intense 4-minute rounds consisting of 20 seconds of all out work followed by 10 seconds of rest. There is a 30-60 second rest between rounds. Various equipment and body weight used for this high energy class. 

YOGA Develop flexibility, strength and balance and improve your breathing and posture with poses and techniques developed over 5000 years. 

The ultimate mind – body class blending the best elements of yoga and core training. 

YOGALATES  Combines Yoga with elements of Pilates.  Strengthen your core while improving flexibility and balance.  

ZUMBA Combines dance and fitness moves to the background of Latin music and world rhythms. More like attending a party rather than an exercise class! An awesome cardio workout with toning benefits as well. 

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